Large Kit (20 Person)

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The Large Kit is our Top-Notch Kit, it is crafted for Businesses with 20 Staff Members or less. Get a single box containing all you need to keep your employees and workspace healthy and safe.

Box contains:

  • KN95 Masks: FDA approved standard for respiratory equipment, has a higher filtrating effect than most masks, and gives more protection. Filters 95% of particulates, The KN95 mask. Can be very effective against COVID-19.
  • Disposable white gloves: Made from High-quality Natural Vinyl Rubber it is both stretchy and comfortable, leaves no powder residue, and is tear-resistant. Designed for professional use.
  • 3 ply regular Masks: Comfortable and Breathable the 3 ply mask comes with 3 layers of protection against viruses and air particles.
  • Face shield: Lightweight, transparent, and waterproof protects your whole face from splash, splatter, and droplets of fluid-borne pathogens. Thanks to the elastic band it easily fits all head sizes.
  • Hand Sanitizer with FDA Approval: Contains 70% Ethyl Alcohol, Quick- Dry, without any Residue.


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4 reviews for Large Kit (20 Person)

  1. Alex

    Great Kit!!

  2. Niko Contardi

    Thanks again, all our necessary products in one box.

  3. GRM

    Perfect for our office! It has everything that we needed and was already delivered the next day.

  4. doncappo

    Is this already enough for our office? Incredible that it all fits in one box.

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