Medium Kit (12 Person)

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The medium safety kit is our Bestselling business kit, it is designed for businesses with 12 staff members or less! Get a single box containing all you need to keep your employees and workspace healthy and safe.

Box contains:

  • KN95 Masks: FDA approved standard for respiratory equipment, has a higher filtrating effect than most masks and gives more protection. Filters 95% of particulates, The KN95 mask. Can be very effective against covid-19
  • Disposable white gloves: Made from High-quality Natural Vinyl Rubber it is both stretchy and comfortable, leaves no powder residue and is tear resistant. Designed for professional use
  • 3 ply regular Masks: Comfortable and Breathable the 3 ply mask comes with 3 layers of protection against viruses and air particles.
  • Face shield: Lightweight, transparent and waterproof it protects your whole face from splash, splatter and droplets of fluid-borne pathogens. Thanks to the elastic band it easily fits all head sizes.
  • Hand Sanitizer with FDA Approval: Contains 70% Ethyl Alcohol, Quick- Dry, without any Residue.


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5 reviews for Medium Kit (12 Person)

  1. Juliette

    Pretty complete safety kit. Great option to keep employees safe!

  2. william j keyes

    AOK….arrived on time….!!!

  3. Alain Guittard

    Marvellous business & workplace kit.

  4. jordan.f

    Products look good but I think that we will need some more masks.

  5. Joseph Meniane

    Thanks for the fast delivery, everything looks good.

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