Contactless Auto IR Smart Thermometer



Our Contactless Auto IR Smart Thermometer is perfect for offices, classrooms, stores, and hotels. This product is an intelligent temperature detector based on infrared transmitting and receiving principle.

It easy to use, just aim the infrared probe at the forehead or wrist to measure the human body temperature quickly and accurately. This product is suitable for rapid monitoring of human body temperature in public places with large flow of people.

Features include :

  • No Contact Temperature Measurement
  • High Accuracy
  • Fast Measurement Speed
  • Over-Temperature Voice Alarm
  • This device can easily be wall-mounted. It is especially suitable for entry-exit points, airports, docks, schools, cinemas, and more

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  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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3 reviews for Contactless Auto IR Smart Thermometer

  1. MelodI Mashai

    Very good product, don’t want to have contact with anyone who maybe
    has the virus.

  2. Kevin WSL

    Gainful product in our office. I tested the product myself if it was correct. And a regular thermometer gives the exact same temperature. Very impressed!

  3. Rudy De Armas

    Unfortunately also a necessary product during this time. But it is very useful and helps a lot.

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